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Episode 101: A Rough Start, But All Is Not Lost
April 15, 2014 10:17 AM PDT
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The Red Sox have had a bit of a rough go at the start of the 2014 season. There have been injuries to key players, and injuries to players where the team's depth was weakest. Brendan O'Toole and Matt Kory discuss those injuries, where the team has under-performed, and what might be in store for the season. Prominently discussed are the team's worst hitters, but team defense is also a topic of discussion. It's an informative, and after last week's episode, a back-to-normal episode of the Over The Monster Podcast!

Episode 100!
April 09, 2014 11:23 PM PDT
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You didn't think we'd make it this far. Well we didn't think so either. But here we are. We're two co-hosts, one disaster season, one storybook season, one Bobby Valentine whatever you want to call it, a billion David Ortiz moments, a few used catboxes, and 100 episodes into the Over The Monster Podcast. In that spirit, it was time to reach back into the past. So former co-host Marc Normandin joined Matt Kory and Brendan O'Toole to welcome back the original OTM Podcast guest, Sam Miller. Sam was working at the Orange County Register when we spoke to him two years and change ago, but now he's one of the lead writers for Baseball Prospectus, and editor of the 2014 BP Annual. In keeping with the hodge-podge that is the OTM Podcast, not to mention Sam's areas of expertise, we skipped around the league a bit. We did cover some Red Sox questions, but we also talked about the podcast itself as well as some current happenings around the league. It was a fun time. Hopefully you enjoy it too. Thanks for listening.

Episode 99 - Actual Baseball!
April 03, 2014 09:13 PM PDT
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The realm of the theoretical has been abandoned! We can now discuss what has happened in reality! When I say reality I don't mean in Crimea or Wall Street, I'm talking about on an actual baseball diamond! Hallelujah! The Red Sox are playing again! Oh, I beg your pardon, the World Champion Red Sox are playing again! Yay! In this, the 99th Over The Monster Podcast, Brendan and Matt discuss, what else, the Red Sox! But first we talk about instant replay and the new rules and the way they've been implemented over the first few games. Then we move on to yakking about the actual Red Sox pitching staff, and how good they've looked through two (now three) games. All of this is interspersed with then-live-now-dated in-game commentary! Yes, it's a wonderful 99th Over The Monster Podcast!

Episode 98: Ortiz, Lester, and Kittens Don't Play Soccer
March 25, 2014 02:14 PM PDT
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It's extension time! David Ortiz is our first contestant and let's see what we have for him... behind Door Number One it's... a $16 million one year extension with a triggerable team option! Hooray! That's not all though, because as this is a podcast, we get to talk about it! From all angles! And to talk about it, we have more than just the typical two person discussion, we have a three person discussion as Marc Normandin joins Brendan O'Toole and Matt Kory! After delving deeply into the merits of the Ortiz deal, we move on to Jon Lester's potential extension. We talk about Lester as a player, his value to the organization going forward, what it might cost to keep him, and what the benefits and drawbacks of doing so would be. It's an enlightening and enjoyable 98th OTM Podcast!

Episode 97: Is Sizemore For Real? Sizemore Is For Real!
March 11, 2014 11:03 PM PDT
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The closer we get to the start of the regular season, the closer we get to learning the one seemingly enduring lesson from this 2014 edition of spring training: is Grady Sizemore really and truly back? Like, for serious is what I'm saying. The man with seven surgeries (that we KNOW of!) in the last couple years, the man who hasn't played an inning of ball in anger over the past couple seasons, that very man may be the one standing in center field when the Red Sox take the field on Opening Day. We discuss it. That comes after the whole 'Johnny Gomes thinks he's worth 20 wins thing.' Which we discuss as well because, come on, how could you not? Then finally we close with a thing about spring training wins and losses. Brendan thinks they're almost completely worthless and Matt says, no, you've gone way too far, they're totally 100 percent worthless. Either way, it's a rousing 97th edition of the Over The Monster Podcast!

Episode 96: Capuano Joins Up, Fenway Is Saved, And Talk Radio: ARG!
March 05, 2014 11:26 AM PST
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It's your favorite weekly hour-ish of semi-intelligent Red Sox babble! Matt and Brendan are back and they're talking about Chris Capuano who represents the beginning of the end of the Red Sox dynasty, Fenway Park and how it's cramped seats and small press area represents the end of the world as we know it, and sports talk radio which is simply the end of civilization. It's an rousing and somewhat silly episode of the Over The Monster Podcast!

Episode 95 - Dempster Diving, Expectations, and Spring Training
February 21, 2014 12:19 PM PST
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Spring training has officially begun and the pitching attrition has already begun. The Red Sox lost Ryan Dempster to his family, but recouped his salary. We discuss this move/non-move, its implications for the organization, team, and clubhouse, and then what happens moving forward (note: recorded before the Chris Capuano signing). We then discuss other stuff. Like an extension for Xander Bogaerts, which is something we like. LIKE. Like very very very much. Then we go on to discuss other things which have to do with the Red Sox but which I don't remember because we recorded this two days ago and I haven't had time to put this on the web yet. Either way it's a rousing edition of the Over The Monster Podcast! Whoo hoo!

Episode 94 - Matt forgets about Clay Buchholz, Brendan explains his secret to cardiac health
February 11, 2014 03:11 PM PST
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The dead zone for baseball is pretty much right now. That isn't to say people (or zones) are dying; in fact, quite the opposite. Baseball this time of year is a seedling starting to grow. As such, there isn't a whole lot going on. And yet we at the OTM Podcast persevere. Which sounds all heroic and stuff, but when you think about it, this being a baseball team from Boston and all, there is actually quite a bit to say about the 2014 Red Sox even though it's early February. The bullpen is an interesting jumping off point, and so it's there we jump off. Then we talk about the depth of the pitching staff with particular attention paid to players who might come up from Triple-A and contribute during the season. Then after some conversational meandering, we get to the topic of lineup construction. The end result is, I think, an enjoyable 94th episode of the Over The Monster Podcast.

Episode 93 - Because You Demand sizeMore!
February 04, 2014 12:43 PM PST
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Can we say 'we're back' when we just go and disappear again? Maybe! Let's see: we're back! Hey, you can! Hooray! Brendan O'Toole and Matt Kory get the old podcast out of the garage, throw a new coat of paint on it, and then realize, why are we painting this podcast that's dumb. Then they start recording. They talk about the predictable stuff, but it's still interesting. That's their gift to you. The Red Sox off-season, not exactly fraught with tension, is discussed nonetheless. So is Jacoby Ellsbury's new contract with the Yankees, the 2014 season projections are looked at, digested, and then turned into fuel for further podcasting, and Grady Sizemore is pre-lamented over. All in all, it's a podcast that talks about the Red Sox and is therefore the best thing other than the actual Red Sox. Enjoy the 93rd Over The Monster Podcast!

Episode 92: Talking World Series with Will Leitch
October 23, 2013 10:12 AM PDT
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With the Red Sox facing the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series, it made sense to have a Cardinals fan on the podcast, and there is no Cardinals fan I'd rather talk baseball with than Will Leitch. Mr. Leitch is author of a ton of books, the founder of Deadspin, and Senior Writer for Sports on Earth. He joined Matt Kory to discuss the Cardinals, Cardinals fans, success, the World Series, preserving your fandom as a professional writer, and a bunch of other things. It's Will Leitch on the Over the Monster Podcast! So you should listen to it!

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